I’m back! And with a lot of clichès.

It’s been a freaking long time since my last post, hasn’t it?

But it seems to me like it was just yesterday. Clichè but true.

Maybe that’s how it really is when you have so much things to do in life. Time passes so quickly, you don’t even realize it until you’re celebrating your birthday one day, Christmas the next. Another clichè.

But again, true.

I mean, my last attempt to write a blog post was on my birthday. Now, we’re counting days ’til Christmas.

I doubt you want to know why it only took me now to write another post. But no matter, I still feel like I need to explain as to why this is.

I’ve been very busy at work that I only got to spend my weekends resting the whole day.

This won’t be long, cos I decided this should just be a short, sweet hello after being gone from blogging for months.

Next time, I’ll be blogging about knitting. I’ll relive my grandmother’s hobby.

Keep it cool guys, and wish me all the luck and success in the world!

photo 2




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