A Walkthrough: NBI Robinson’s Otis and Online Registration

Are you a Filipino citizen or a Foreign national living in the Philippines who need help applying for an NBI Clearance?

Is it for a new employer or a mere renewal/update on your records?

Whatever reason of your application may be, I have made this blog to guide you in the process.

I hope you find this informative and beneficial.


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(1) Once you arrive at Robinson’s Otis, head over to the 2nd floor of the mall.

(2) Locate Pick N Save store – see photo above.

(3) If you did not apply online, you may ask for the application form directly from their staff, OR a security staff in uniform.

  • The earliest to come is the big guy with eyeglasses – let’s name him… Big Daddy. I know I should have asked for the employees’ names when I had the chance, for proper acknowledgement. But I hesitated. Didn’t even take photos when we (boyfriend and I) went there yesterday – March 19, 2014 – that’s why I recycled ones from daddyjoey.com. I was afraid I might create a commotion. You know that incident in the NBI Main Office at UN Ave. corner Taft Ave., Manila?
    Don’t get me wrong, the employees of this branch are very accommodating. They’re funny and entertaining too! Sets off the boredom of waiting, although the staff works incredibly fast. I am so not kissing *s* here. I speak of the truth. The other applicants can attest to that. Haha!

(4) Once you have accomplished the form, or if you have your online registration form ready, that’s where the real steps begin.

Here goes.

Pay the corresponding fees, depending on the purpose of your application.



Encoding is done at the same time your photo is being taken. You will be asked to come forward and hand over your registration form with the receipt.


Biometrics is done quickly. No sweat.

Well, in my case, it was otherwise. My hands were all sweaty so Big Daddy told me to relax and “punas punas sa pants” (wipe your hands on your pants) in a funny way. Told me to squat down a little because I was too tall for the camera lens’ reach.


And according to Big Daddy himself, “dalawa lang ang klase dito, yung uupo at yung… uuwi.” (next is either you are going to be asked to sit down or asked to… go home). He said this because there are cases where an applicant’s name has a “hit” (another person carries the same name and apparently has a bad record), while the rest are fortunate enough to get their clearance on the same day of the application.

Then, that is it.


In my experience, the application to get an NBI Clearance from this branch only took less than two hours. To be exact, I paid the P115 fee at 1:35:18pm – as stated on the receipt, and got my clearance at 2:51:50pm – as stated on my NBI Clearance.

* By the way, there is this computer rental kiosk on the other side of the 2nd floor, where you can rent a computer and have your online registration form printed. Unfortunately, the time I went there, the guy in charge did not know how to print the documents directly from the web. He was having trouble setting up the printer and the computer the entire time. So, my boyfriend and I had to look for another computer rental shop, which happened to be in SM Manila. It may not be too far from Robinson’s – by car or motorcycle – but it was still quite a hassle for someone who isn’t ready like I was. >.<

We were back at Robinson’s Otis by 1:30pm, but that’s only because we had lunch first. Still, it did not cause me headache getting my NBI Clearance. Like I said, the employees there are fast and well-organized.

Here’s a couple more photos.

As you can see, there is a PhilHealth kiosk right next to the NBI Clearance Center. If you wish to apply for your PhilHealth Card, you may do so the same time you are applying for your NBI Clearance.



If you find this blog post helpful, or maybe lacking information, do not hesitate to leave your comment.

All comments, opinions, or suggestions are welcome.

Just keep in mind to be kind in doing so.

No cuss words or the likes.

Thank you!

Til my next blog!


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