It’s All In My Head


My Dad had always been a goldmine of great sayings and of moral/spiritual values.

This quote by Dale Carnegie is akin to one of my Dad’s shared lessons in life.

You see, I am the type of person who questions ideas and circumstances. Even as a child, my curiosity has always been fathomless.  And according to my Dad, my reactions – incalculable. For the reason that I wouldn’t just nod or say “oh, okay” or “I see.” It is like an innate sense that I cannot help stop but open more doors for argumentative topics. Well, now, I am trying to hold back because I have realized it was only my Dad who was patient enough to answer all my questions and debate opinions with me without being insulting. Unlike most people I encounter, one word that comes out of my mouth would seem like a threat to them or would make me seem like a miss-know-it-all. Not really my intention. Just want to brainstorm. But I guess they can’t stand that.

Well… great minds think alike. So that’s just me and my Dad. Hahaha!

See what I mean? >.<


Back to the main topic.

This for me is logically necessary. Happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions. This part I didn’t get before. My Dad would remind me every single time he sees me sad or depressed to think of happy thoughts. No. No fairy dust. Just happy thoughts.

He said that it would help me and the universe. The latter made me ask him, of course, “why the the universe?” He said that what I give out to the world is what the universe would essentially give back to me.

So if I show the world how miserable I feel, the more miserable I would become.

Years later, a book called “The Secret” mentioned this certain law of attraction called the Boomerang Effect. Coincidental? I think NOT!



I didn’t understand it before because I had everything I needed, even some that I didn’t actually needed but provided for by my very generous and loving father. The most significant would be the unconditional love and support of my Dad, grandma, and my romantic partner for almost 7 years.

I did not have the perfect, ideal family. It was actually quite dysfunctional, but my Dad managed to see things in a very different way. Sure, he would complain at times; he’s only human after all. But still, he showed me how to be happy despite some negative circumstances.

While I was feeling neglected of a happy life, my Dad would remind me to never feel sorry about myself because that would lead me to my own destruction.

It did.

I used to be cynical because I was influenced by someone from my relatives who once said, “expect the worst to happen.” When I should have practiced what my Dad told me, “to expect the unexpected and have a contingency plan up your sleeves.”

So I literally became manic depressive and feared to trust anyone. Suspicious of everyone around me to be against me.

But after learning the ways of Dad – still trying to master them – I have come to live by the most basic rules of a happy life.

I can say that I now “Walk the Line.”

The line that my Dad had walked on his entire life.

Although it is inevitable to make wrong decisions once in a while and that there are things we cannot naturally control, what matters is knowing how to prevent those, to get back in track and remain in control of your emotions, possessions, and life in general.

“You will be happy as long as you choose to be happy, hija.” – Daddy




A Walkthrough: NBI Robinson’s Otis and Online Registration

Are you a Filipino citizen or a Foreign national living in the Philippines who need help applying for an NBI Clearance?

Is it for a new employer or a mere renewal/update on your records?

Whatever reason of your application may be, I have made this blog to guide you in the process.

I hope you find this informative and beneficial.


DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective owners ( unless otherwise stated. Links/Credits are provided via click-through link or caption.  Clicking the link of the image will lead you to its source.

(1) Once you arrive at Robinson’s Otis, head over to the 2nd floor of the mall.

(2) Locate Pick N Save store – see photo above.

(3) If you did not apply online, you may ask for the application form directly from their staff, OR a security staff in uniform.

  • The earliest to come is the big guy with eyeglasses – let’s name him… Big Daddy. I know I should have asked for the employees’ names when I had the chance, for proper acknowledgement. But I hesitated. Didn’t even take photos when we (boyfriend and I) went there yesterday – March 19, 2014 – that’s why I recycled ones from I was afraid I might create a commotion. You know that incident in the NBI Main Office at UN Ave. corner Taft Ave., Manila?
    Don’t get me wrong, the employees of this branch are very accommodating. They’re funny and entertaining too! Sets off the boredom of waiting, although the staff works incredibly fast. I am so not kissing *s* here. I speak of the truth. The other applicants can attest to that. Haha!

(4) Once you have accomplished the form, or if you have your online registration form ready, that’s where the real steps begin.

Here goes.

Pay the corresponding fees, depending on the purpose of your application.



Encoding is done at the same time your photo is being taken. You will be asked to come forward and hand over your registration form with the receipt.


Biometrics is done quickly. No sweat.

Well, in my case, it was otherwise. My hands were all sweaty so Big Daddy told me to relax and “punas punas sa pants” (wipe your hands on your pants) in a funny way. Told me to squat down a little because I was too tall for the camera lens’ reach.


And according to Big Daddy himself, “dalawa lang ang klase dito, yung uupo at yung… uuwi.” (next is either you are going to be asked to sit down or asked to… go home). He said this because there are cases where an applicant’s name has a “hit” (another person carries the same name and apparently has a bad record), while the rest are fortunate enough to get their clearance on the same day of the application.

Then, that is it.


In my experience, the application to get an NBI Clearance from this branch only took less than two hours. To be exact, I paid the P115 fee at 1:35:18pm – as stated on the receipt, and got my clearance at 2:51:50pm – as stated on my NBI Clearance.

* By the way, there is this computer rental kiosk on the other side of the 2nd floor, where you can rent a computer and have your online registration form printed. Unfortunately, the time I went there, the guy in charge did not know how to print the documents directly from the web. He was having trouble setting up the printer and the computer the entire time. So, my boyfriend and I had to look for another computer rental shop, which happened to be in SM Manila. It may not be too far from Robinson’s – by car or motorcycle – but it was still quite a hassle for someone who isn’t ready like I was. >.<

We were back at Robinson’s Otis by 1:30pm, but that’s only because we had lunch first. Still, it did not cause me headache getting my NBI Clearance. Like I said, the employees there are fast and well-organized.

Here’s a couple more photos.

As you can see, there is a PhilHealth kiosk right next to the NBI Clearance Center. If you wish to apply for your PhilHealth Card, you may do so the same time you are applying for your NBI Clearance.


If you find this blog post helpful, or maybe lacking information, do not hesitate to leave your comment.

All comments, opinions, or suggestions are welcome.

Just keep in mind to be kind in doing so.

No cuss words or the likes.

Thank you!

Til my next blog!

Tons and Tons of Beef Wellingtons

Obviously, this next blog piece is all about my craving for Beef Wellington.

My love for Beef Wellington started when I watched an episode of Hell’s Kitchen – just one of the many shows of Chef Gordon Ramsay that I like – where the said recipe was added to that night’s menu and served to many of the guests.

I loved it even more when I watched Chef Ramsay’s Christmas Special, where it was one of the featured dishes.

As a matter of fact, it has been featured in a lot of his shows. One other is MasterChef US.

Honestly, I haven’t tried to cook one just yet. But SOON.

Hoping that I will meet the standards of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Even halfway.

If possible.

Well… I will just have to try my best.

Anyways, the thing about Beef Wellington is that it can be served in many ways.

And, of course, to visually satisfy you, I have uploaded photos of the various versions of Beef Wellington.

Without further ado, feast your eyes mi amigos!















TINY INDIVIDUAL BEEF WELLINGTON — okay, maybe it’s not so tiny in this picture, but that’s what it says on 😀












And, of course, for the FINALE…



Please click the link to direct you to the video.

(Yeah, I am afraid I am still learning how to add photos and videos on WordPress.)

Anyway, I hope you had fun reading this post.

Sorry if I made you drool over the photos.

Cos even I DID! *stomach growling*

Til next time!

And I hope by that time, I am already showing you guys my own BEEF WELLINGTON!


Veronica Mars in Theatres 2014!

It’s been years since the last time I watched an episode of the hit tv series Veronica Mars.
It truly had been part of my everyday life back then, when I had to schedule its airing on tv after school hours.
I would say it was one of the reasons I anxiously wanted to go home early from school.

Love Veronica Mars’ witty and tough attitude.


“When life give…

“When life gives you lemons, draw faces on those lemons and wrap them in a blanket. Ta-daaa! Now you have lemon babies.”


I am a lot like Mabel Pines.

Aside from the fact that we both are in love with Waddles – see that pig in a surgeon’s outfit? Yeah, that’s her. =D there is more.

Mabel Pines

* weird

* crazy fun

* passionate about adventure, Waddles, family, friends, finding her own mystical boyfriend – okay, maybe not this one

* has a unique fashion sense, like bedazzling her face, hahaha!

* doesn’t care what other people think – this I want to practice more everyday

* outspoken

* obvious, even if she tries not to be

* goofy

* buoyant – both optimist and can stay afloat water, hahaha!

You may be wondering why I chose this as my first blog, ask “What’s wrong with her?,” or “This is simply childish for a blog by a 26 – turning 27 – year old person.” Truth is, I can’t think of a great subject at the moment, but I do think this is a good start. You get to see a glimpse of my character. And if you find we have a lot in common, then I would keep my fingers crossed so you will regularly follow my blog.

This is it for now.

Have to get back to this certain book I have been reading for days. What is it, you ask? Well, I’m going to leave that for another post. Once I am done with the entire book, will write a review. You can count on it. =D

Thank you for taking interest on my blog!

Til next time.