It’s my 27th Birthday!

It’s official. Yesterday, I turned 236 677 hours, 9 861.54 days, 1 408.79 weeks, 324 months, 27 years old.

Truth is I don’t care how old I am. I always feel young at heart. Not immature. There is a big difference between the two.

Hold on right there.

Don’t exit this blog post just yet. I swear this is just going to be a short post. I don’t want to bore you with the story of when I was born, my childhood, etc.

I do want you to know that I don’t usually celebrate, and when I do, not in a grand way. It has always been a simple family gathering at our home. My Dad would let me organize a simple program for our relatives to enjoy. Dad would order my favorite delicacies from Bon Appetit days ahead, have it picked up by our driver. My Grandma would ask my aunts Liza and Marichu to come early on that day to help her cook more food. Yep, that’s the only grand thing about my birthday, so much food for a few guests. I don’t even invite friends over. Just the family. In fact, when I had my debut, it wasn’t anything like the traditional debut party any teenage girl would want to have. I wanted to celebrate mine at a charity of my choice. And so, my Dad made it happen. Since then, I would celebrate my birthday at a charity house or by giving donations.

Now that I am a working citizen, I don’t have time to do those things anymore. And like I said, if it were just me, I wouldn’t want to make a fuss about my birthday. Not that I am not happy of it. It’s just that, I am a simple person. Nothing fancy, even though I have been blessed with a Dad who provided a comfortable life for me.

But I didn’t say I don’t appreciate gifts and surprises. I do. And the only two people in my life who are good with surprises would be my Dad and my romantic partner, Borge.

Yesterday, it wasn’t just Borge who surprised me. His sister Judith and her three daughters Angela (8), Agatha (5), and Athena (3), bought a cake for me. After office hours and hearing mass, Borge showed me a simple letter written by the three girls and a birthday cake in the fridge. It was such a kind gesture that I decided to blow the candles with the kids. Even though me and those three aren’t blood related, they have always treated me like their very own aunt. Their mom would tell me stories, even, how these kids would brag about the activities they do with me and Borge. We love kids, and obviously, they love us.

Here are some photos I took from yesterday.








How I wish my nephew was also with us. Such a cute little boy.




Til my next blog!



A Romantic Getaway to Start 2015

Not every trip is perfect, but I’d say we did this one pretty smoothly.

It’s our first ever to go on a trip just the two of us, and the thing is, it was my surprise for him. I told him ahead of time to ready his money for the holidays. I didn’t tell him why, and luckily, he trusts me enough to do exactly as I say. But of course, there were times when he couldn’t help but bug and ask me what the whole thing was for.

Until one day, I asked him to get our bus tickets going to… drum roll please… BAGUIO!

A perfect domestic destination for a romantic getaway and to spend the last days of 2014 together. Just the two of us. An escape from all the hullabaloos in Makati.

Without further ado, here’s how our itinerary went.


Using GrabTaxi, we were able to get a cab going to Victory Liner Pasay Terminal and arrive there safe and sound.

We were there 3 hrs early. I told Borge that it’s okay, and besides, it’s scary to be going out at 12 midnight, even though GrabTaxi is available at anytime. The fact that I was super duper excited was, of course, part of it. ;p

Borge bought two (2) deluxe bus tickets for our ride. Sorry, we weren’t able to take photos of the bus, but I assure you, the bus was very clean and comfortable. The terminal, though, needs more seats to accommodate those who are waiting for their scheduled bus, as well as, the chance passengers.

TIP: Buy your tickets at least 1 month ahead.

The deluxe bus of Victory Liner has a toilet since there’s no stopovers. We didn’t get to use the toilet, but Borge got a glimpse of it, and he said it was neat.

It also has two (2) monitors, but since our travel time was at dawn – 1:15 am – the bus driver and attendants thought it would be best not to turn them on and let the passengers doze off.

Our seats were adjustable, so we were able to use its leg rest.

It only took 5 hrs. going to Baguio from Pasay Terminal, and as we were approaching Baguio Terminal, we could already feel the cold weather. VERY cold weather, and that was at 5 in the morning. That’s right! Brrrrrrrr!

TIP: Buy tickets going back to Manila soon as you land the terminal. Tickets are fast selling. Some I talked to there were not able to reserve seats and had to wait for another day before they can get a ride back to Manila.

Cafe By The Ruins Dua

Though our ride came with free bottled drinking water and a muffin, which we didn’t get the chance to drink and eat ‘cos we were asleep, we decided to have breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins Dua – a new branch of Shuntug Road’s Cafe by the Ruins. Thanks to the kind “manong” who told us about the branch nearest to the terminal. It was practically walking distance.

I guess the reason behind the name Cafe by the Ruins Dua is that, it’s their second branch. Better ask Mrs. Lim-Perez. 😀 She was the one who welcomed us on our second visit. That’s for later. Moving on!

Cafe by the Ruins by Dua There's another one on Shuntug Road.

Cafe by the Ruins Dua
There’s another one on Shuntug Road.

Contemplating on how to be the next Jose Rizal just cos he was drinking Rizal's Tsokolat-e.

Contemplating on how to be the next Jose Rizal just cos he was drinking Rizal’s Tsokolat-e.



Great! Eyes closed. Thanks Borge! Hmpf. I was holding a bread pan with Ernie's Kamote bread, bollilo with jam and butter, and Arabica Coffee -  be surprised when you see what they serve with your coffee for a sugar.

Great! Eyes closed. Thanks Borge! Hmpf.
I was holding bread pans with Ernie’s Kamote bread, bollilo with jam and butter, and on the table, a cup of Arabica Coffee – be surprised what they serve with your coffee for a sugar.

Rizal's Tsokolat-e

Rizal’s Tsokolat-e

Geez! I didn't even get the chance to take a picture of his breakfast.

Geez! I didn’t even get the chance to take a picture of his breakfast.

Guess he was really hungry and the food was really good.

Guess he was really hungry and the food was really good.

Busog much!

Busog much!

We were here early, before their open hours. But the staff were so kind to let us in and offer us seats while we wait a few more minutes, just to ready everything. So, yes, that made us the first customers of the day. Buena mano ika nga.

TIP: Cafe by the Ruins opens at 7am. They accept major credit cards.

Elljov Transient Units

Located at Shangri-La, San Luis, Mr. and Mrs. Bautista were kind enough to welcome us to their house. This is where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights.

For a very affordable price, you get a room with a free 5 gallon drinking water, dishwashing soap, extra blanket, use of kitchen utensils, cable tv, fridge, efan – not that you’d need it, and hot and warm shower.

Our room. So huge for us.

Our room.
According to Sir Jovie, they once let a family of 16 stay here. They weren’t supposed to allow them, but they really needed a place to stay. Besides, they only used it for sleeping and taking baths. The rest of the day, they were out, roaming around Baguio.

Borgito already feeling at home.

Borgito already feeling at home.

Dining area

Dining area

Smoke hood

Smoke hood

Free use of gas range

Free use of gas range. Tank was full.

Free drinking water

Free drinking water and use of kitchen utensils.

Free use of fridge

Free use of fridge.



Additional blanket - free of charge. Sir Jovie handed this over to us, saying "Oh, baka ginawin kayo. Idagdag nyo 'tong pangkumot nyo ah." :)

Additional blanket – free of charge.
Sir Jovie handed this over to us, saying “Oh, baka ginawin kayo. Idagdag nyo ‘tong pangkumot nyo ah.”

Lourdes Grotto

After we set our things in our room, and rested for awhile, we decided to go straight to the Lourdes Grotto, which was only walking distance from where we were staying.

IMG_1345IMG_1346IMG_1347 IMG_1352IMG_1355IMG_1349 IMG_1350   IMG_1351

See my solo above? Borge kid that I was being called in by the light. I said, “I’m too heavy. I will have to lose weight before I accept the calling.” While he missed the calling, just about an inch farther. LOL.

Can’t relate?

Here’s the thing. At a much younger age, I wanted to be a nun. I used to play with my cousins and pretend I was a Mother Superior.

Borge, on the other hand, wanted to be a priest. He went to Don Bosco Seminary in Canlubang, where he became acquainted with the priests of that parish.

We didn’t know each other then, but such a coincidence. Good for storytelling.

And something else about Canlubang, related to me, that adds up to the coincidence. This one’s a secret. Ask me personally, and I’ll tell you.

Borge had been a servant of the church since he was 9 years old, in Don Bosco Parish Makati. I used to go with my Dad every summer to his office, and after, we go to Don Bosco to pray. Another coincidence?!

I think NOT! ლಠ益ಠ)ლ

It’s FATE. (●´∀`)ノ♡

I hope this explains it.

Burnham Park and Good Taste

After we went all the way to the top of the Lourdes Grotto, we headed to Burnham Park and had lunch at Good Taste. Let me tell you, this is where you’ll find good eats in big servings at very affordable prices. It’d be great to tag along your family or barkada here.

See that plate of pancit below? That was our leftover from the resto. We ate half of it, and still looked as if we haven’t taken from it. One order cost Php130, which they said was good for 2 persons. But believe me, you’d need at least a couple more companions to share this with.

Take home from Good Taste. We ordered Butter Chicken, Bihon, Chopsuey, Hototay Soup, and a pitcher of Iced Tea.

Take home from Good Taste.
We ordered Butter Chicken, Bihon, Chopsuey, and their Hototay Soup.

Hototay Soup

Hototay Soup

We’ve been to Burnham Park before, so we only did a little paseo.

While in the park, I got swarmed by kids singing Christmas Carols in exchange for alms.

I wasn’t going to give any, keeping in mind how the church and the government discourage people to tolerate asking for alms.

But it was the holidays, so I still gave and prayed so hard that it would do them good.

After, we went back to our room and rested for a bit. Then, we were out and about again, off to…

Night Market

We decided not to take pictures because we thought the place would be jam-packed. It was. But not as horribly, like how we imagined it. There were lots of people, yes, but we could still move around freely.

Besides, it pays to be extra careful and wary when shopping in an outside tiangge.

Anyway, the Night Market was where we were able to buy quality bags for Php250 – Php1,000. These are the kinds of bags that you can buy in Glorietta or Market! Market! for twice the price.

Ready your cash and activate your good eye for good quality products.

Php250 – Php1,500: bags for ladies
Php100 – Php550: unisex pouches
Php350 – Php1,800: bags for men
Php150 – Php2,000: shoes (ladies and men)
Php50 – Php500: sandals/slippers (ladies and men)
Php50 – Php150: 3 pairs of socks
Php200 – Php650: thick blankets
Php50 – Php150: bonnets
Php10 – Php1,000: souvenirs


We began our second day in Baguio at Tatay Diaz’ Special Bulaluhan, which is also a few meters away from Elljov. Yes, we had bulalo for breakfast, and it was goOoOoOod!

TIP: Along the way, you should be able to pass by Recolletos Seminary and a short walk from Puregold, which is literally 15-25 steps away from the Bautista’s.


Hot Bulalo soup, tender meat. Mmmmm...

Hot Bulalo soup, tender meat. It just separates effortlessly from the bone. Mmmmm…

Next stop was…

La Presa

The locals of Baguio said there was not an actual La Presa. The place was known as Sto. Tomas.

We took a jeepney ride going to what they call the turnover point, then walked to the foot of the mountain – don’t be pussies, it only took us 5 minutes to get there – and rented an FX going all the way up to the top of Sto. Tomas. We were charged P150. Fair price. It’s the same no matter how many passengers are on board.

We had a very good driver. The road was zigzag, but with a “pawis-steering” FX, he managed to drop us off to our destination. I would say, you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried.

It was a 15-minute travel time via wheels, but other people chose to be mountain climbers and walked their way up. How long did it take them to reach La Presa? Let’s just say, we were already on our way back when we saw them making it half-way. Mhm.

Walked all the way to the foot of the mountain to get that FX ride.

Walked all the way to the foot of the mountain to get that FX ride.

Almost there, yet we had the energy to flash another smile for a selfie.

Almost there. It was challenging to walk up the road, yet we had the energy to flash another smile for a selfie.

Walking to the set of Forevermore was tiring. So, we had a break and bought Strawberry taho. It's not like the taho you can buy in Burnham Park, where they only add strawberry syrup and no real strawberry bits. Price: P20.

Walking to the set of Forevermore was tiring. So, we had a break and bought Strawberry taho. It’s not like the taho you can buy in Burnham Park, where they only add strawberry syrup and no real strawberry bits.
Price: P20.

Have you guys met "bAGNEtS" and "Xan-duh"?

Have you guys met “bAGNEtS” and “Xan-duh”?

Borge checking to see if we really were in La Presa. It would have been a bummer if we ended up at the wrong place.

Borge checking to see if we really were in La Presa. It would have been a bummer if we ended up at the wrong place.

Forevermore, yihee!

Forevermore, yihee!

See that lady behind our shot? She scared me. I thought I was hearing voices in the wind because we were at the back of the set when she followed and whispered to me, "Sayang di nyo sila naabutan. Kaninang alas tres lang sila umalis." LOL.

See that lady behind our shot? She scared me. I thought I was hearing voices in the wind because we were at the back of the set when she followed and whispered to me, “Sayang di nyo sila naabutan. Kaninang alas tres lang sila umalis.” LOL.



Forgive my big, rounded face, if it covers half of the view.

Forgive my big, rounded face, if it covers half of the view.

IMG_1382 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1391 IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400

So, after a sweet, romantic feel at La Presa, we went to…

Ben Cab Museum

To bring back the artist in me, and awaken the artist in Borge, we went to this place.

We took as many photos as we can. What you see in here may seem a lot already, but believe me, these are not half of what’s in the actual.


Man contemplating on his navel. It’s art, but… EEEEW!

IMG_1401 IMG_1403 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1422 IMG_1423 IMG_1420IMG_1424 IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1431 IMG_1432Then, there’s the Erotica Gallery.

I chose not to upload the photos because I’d like to keep this blog post rated PG. If you want to see, text me, pm me, or email me. I’d be glad to share. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


After going in circles in the museum, we got mad hungry. We planned to have lunch at Cafe Sabel, but they do not accept credit cards; we were saving our cash for other shopping galore. So, we ended up at…

50’s Diner

Two words – SULIT and GINORMOUS.

Sulit because for the price they charge, you get ginormous servings. Not just big, heap of servings per order, but literally, GINORMOUS.

Expect to be bloated after a meal. If you eat here, your next stop for sure would be the comfort room. I’m not saying that the loo WAS our next stop. Uhm… No kaya! We had plenty of room for the food kaya we were able to hold it in. HAHA!


My choice was their Full House – 2 big pieces of Las Vegas wrap, baked mac, and 2 huge BBQ wings. I added a glass of strawberry milkshake, EXTRA whip cream! Price: P180 Calories: Who cares!!! It was the holidays.

Borge had the Fillet Mignon. He likes his steak well done. It came with soup, crackers, fruit juice, and ice cream. Price: P265 I know ,right?!

Borge had the Fillet Mignon. He likes his steak well done. It came with soup, crackers, fruit juice, and ice cream.
Price: P265
I know, right?!


Four Seasons fruit juice and Strawberry Milkshake

IMG_1463 IMG_1462 IMG_1461 IMG_1460


After a good meal, we went to…

The Pink Sisters Convent

We prayed and thanked the Lord for giving us the means to travel for the holidays, and for keeping us safe.





In between the Pink Sisters Convent and Laperal House is the Korean Union Church

We called all the saints to guide us on our next stops, which were…

The Laperal House and The Diplomat Hotel

We are scaredy cats, I courageously admit. So yes, that’s why we decided to go to the scary places before dark. Like we wish to see headless ghosts on our vacation. Forget it! What are we?! NUTS?! You fools! (ノ)ʘ﹃ʘ(ヾ)

Still, we wanted to experience a little thrill.


Scaredy cats, scaredy cats!


Why keep the monopod with you, huh, Borge? Aber? You’re aware you can’t hit ghosts with that thing, right?


Still holding on to it?




IMG_1508 IMG_1511

IMG_1512 IMG_1513

IMG_1514 IMG_1515

IMG_1520 IMG_1523

IMG_1524 IMG_1525

IMG_1526 IMG_1527IMG_1531




IMG_1558  IMG_1560

IMG_1561 IMG_1562



IMG_1568 IMG_1569



Okay, I know I said we are scaredy cats, but I’m not the type of person who likes to exaggerate things to get attention. Only, something strange happened to us while we were in the Laperal House. We didn’t experience anything in the Diplomat Hotel, but like I said, there was something in the Laperal House that gave us goosebumps and made us to never look back.

You see, soon after we left this house, we checked out all our photos. We discovered that there were shots we expected to be there, but lo and behold, NADA! Instead, these are what were captured.

IMG_1501 IMG_1500 IMG_1499 IMG_1495 IMG_1494 IMG_1493 IMG_1492 IMG_1491 IMG_1490 IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1487 IMG_1483 IMG_1482 IMG_1481 IMG_1480 IMG_1479 IMG_1505 IMG_1504 IMG_1503

What do you think?

You have the liberty to comment, but please do not be rude.

Puregold Shangri-La

When the horror adventure was over, we went grocery shopping for our Media Noche. On our menu were:

Sirloin steaks: Borge did all kinds of doneness to the steaks – medium rare, medium well, and well done.

Salad: cabbage with creamy pineapple cheese ball, extra queso de bola slices

Burger patties: beef lean ground rounds and beef ground with fat

The next day, Beef Nilaga.


IMG_1548 IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1556IMG_1553

Other on the menu: bread, watermelon, papaya, fried rice, and BEER!

Then, as we waited for 2015, we spent the night talking, napping, then talking again, napping. Until…

The countdown.

We stood up and joined the countdown.

Borge and I slow danced our 2014 away!

That’s right.

Slow danced, with nice, warm, sincere, full-of-love embrace.

It was so nice…


No pictures. Just intimate memories to be shared by the two of us.


How’s that for a romantic getaway, huh?


So, this is why we didn’t go to Camp John Hay for the countdown.


We were so tired and sleepy that we stayed in the room ’til afternoon, but we revived our energy back and marched to SM Baguio to look for a spa.

I was desperate for a massage that time. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a place to my liking. So, we went back to the house and spent the rest of the day talking, laughing, goofing off… (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

The usual things we do when we are together. (_๑˘ㅂ˘๑)


On our last day in Baguio, we went to Good Shepherd and Mines View, which was newly renovated when we came there.

IMG_1575 IMG_1577IMG_1579   IMG_1580 IMG_1581

We didn’t bother going to Wright Park, Camp John Hay, Botanical Garden, The Mansions and PMA, ‘cos we’ve been to these places before.

TIPS: Taxi drivers in Baguio give exact change. I highly suggest not to give tips no matter how much you want to reward their kindness. I say this because I don’t want you to unknowingly corrupt their minds. Let them be. Also, cabs here only have the right passenger door working. Keeping the left door closed all the time helps avoid traffic and accidents.

We checked out an hour early, 10am.

We managed to buy everyone pasalubong.

Then, on our last day in Baguio, we went back to and had brunch at Cafe by the Ruins Dua.

Borge had the Tinapa, served with a cup of mountain rice and a cup of hot tea with honey. I had Mrs. Lim’s Noodles and a cup of their famous Rizal’s Tsokolat-e – again. 😀

IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1585 IMG_1586This is where I’ll leave you temporarily.

Surely, there’ll be lots more to share with you on my next blog posts.

Cheers to health, wealth and happiness!



I’m back! And with a lot of clichès.

It’s been a freaking long time since my last post, hasn’t it?

But it seems to me like it was just yesterday. Clichè but true.

Maybe that’s how it really is when you have so much things to do in life. Time passes so quickly, you don’t even realize it until you’re celebrating your birthday one day, Christmas the next. Another clichè.

But again, true.

I mean, my last attempt to write a blog post was on my birthday. Now, we’re counting days ’til Christmas.

I doubt you want to know why it only took me now to write another post. But no matter, I still feel like I need to explain as to why this is.

I’ve been very busy at work that I only got to spend my weekends resting the whole day.

This won’t be long, cos I decided this should just be a short, sweet hello after being gone from blogging for months.

Next time, I’ll be blogging about knitting. I’ll relive my grandmother’s hobby.

Keep it cool guys, and wish me all the luck and success in the world!

photo 2




How I Have Come To Love Maroon 5

I was 16 when I first heard Maroon 5, and it was from this movie I watched on DVD called Mindhunters. Truth is I have already forgotten what the movie was all about, but the soundtrack Harder To Breathe struck me. For me, it’s one of those that sends me dancing to the tune. A perfect song to listen to when I feel down and need to hype myself up.

After that, I encountered another of their many songs – “Sweetest Goodbye” – from the movie Love, Actually. It was on DVD. You might get confused how that came to be when Love, Actually was released in 2003 and Mindhunters in 2004. In fact, I’ll just say it, all movies mentioned here were seen on DVD. There. Just to be clear on the dates and whatnot.

More movies where I chanced upon songs by Maroon 5 are:
Something’s Gotta Give, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, and White Chicks – “Sunday Morning
He’s Just Not That Into You – “If I Never See Your Face Again
Valentine’s Day – “The Way You Look Tonight
The Wedding Date – “Secret




I find all their songs to be so meaningful and the beats to be far-out sexy. (´ ▽`).。o♡

Great for love-making. Hahahaha! (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ
(つω⊂* ) *shy*

Now that my mind is all afloat, I can’t help imagine how nice it would be if Maroon 5 sings to me on my birthday this April 8.

…even through a virtual message of sorts.

♬♪♫ヽ(*´з`*)ノ♬♪♫  I’ll be dancing all day with glee, if that ever happens.

It would surely feel more than what I felt the day their second album was released.

That day for me was heaven.

Imagine me going back and forth to the music store – yes, iTunes was still being developed and iPod was the most advanced music player then – bugging the staff if they have the newest Maroon 5 album yet.

And when it finally arrived… SCREECH!!!

I shouted at the top of my lungs.

It was one of the staff of O Music Video at the Power Plant Mall Rockwell who informed me via a phone call.

Yep, I was that anxious that I asked them to call me AS SOON AS the album came.

I fell in love so deeply with their songs and the band itself that I actually wanted to have my room redesigned after their album cover.

That would have been cool.

But my half sister (mom’s side) had a snide comment saying if I did just that, my room would look like the walls of our high school.

But, my mind changed anyways because I went for black vinyl floor tiles, white and cameo pink walls, and light maroon blackout curtains.

Well, at least I got some maroon in my room. Hihi! o(〃^▽^〃)o


Til my next blog!

It’s All In My Head


My Dad had always been a goldmine of great sayings and of moral/spiritual values.

This quote by Dale Carnegie is akin to one of my Dad’s shared lessons in life.

You see, I am the type of person who questions ideas and circumstances. Even as a child, my curiosity has always been fathomless.  And according to my Dad, my reactions – incalculable. For the reason that I wouldn’t just nod or say “oh, okay” or “I see.” It is like an innate sense that I cannot help stop but open more doors for argumentative topics. Well, now, I am trying to hold back because I have realized it was only my Dad who was patient enough to answer all my questions and debate opinions with me without being insulting. Unlike most people I encounter, one word that comes out of my mouth would seem like a threat to them or would make me seem like a miss-know-it-all. Not really my intention. Just want to brainstorm. But I guess they can’t stand that.

Well… great minds think alike. So that’s just me and my Dad. Hahaha!

See what I mean? >.<


Back to the main topic.

This for me is logically necessary. Happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions. This part I didn’t get before. My Dad would remind me every single time he sees me sad or depressed to think of happy thoughts. No. No fairy dust. Just happy thoughts.

He said that it would help me and the universe. The latter made me ask him, of course, “why the the universe?” He said that what I give out to the world is what the universe would essentially give back to me.

So if I show the world how miserable I feel, the more miserable I would become.

Years later, a book called “The Secret” mentioned this certain law of attraction called the Boomerang Effect. Coincidental? I think NOT!



I didn’t understand it before because I had everything I needed, even some that I didn’t actually needed but provided for by my very generous and loving father. The most significant would be the unconditional love and support of my Dad, grandma, and my romantic partner for almost 7 years.

I did not have the perfect, ideal family. It was actually quite dysfunctional, but my Dad managed to see things in a very different way. Sure, he would complain at times; he’s only human after all. But still, he showed me how to be happy despite some negative circumstances.

While I was feeling neglected of a happy life, my Dad would remind me to never feel sorry about myself because that would lead me to my own destruction.

It did.

I used to be cynical because I was influenced by someone from my relatives who once said, “expect the worst to happen.” When I should have practiced what my Dad told me, “to expect the unexpected and have a contingency plan up your sleeves.”

So I literally became manic depressive and feared to trust anyone. Suspicious of everyone around me to be against me.

But after learning the ways of Dad – still trying to master them – I have come to live by the most basic rules of a happy life.

I can say that I now “Walk the Line.”

The line that my Dad had walked on his entire life.

Although it is inevitable to make wrong decisions once in a while and that there are things we cannot naturally control, what matters is knowing how to prevent those, to get back in track and remain in control of your emotions, possessions, and life in general.

“You will be happy as long as you choose to be happy, hija.” – Daddy



A Walkthrough: NBI Robinson’s Otis and Online Registration

Are you a Filipino citizen or a Foreign national living in the Philippines who need help applying for an NBI Clearance?

Is it for a new employer or a mere renewal/update on your records?

Whatever reason of your application may be, I have made this blog to guide you in the process.

I hope you find this informative and beneficial.


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(1) Once you arrive at Robinson’s Otis, head over to the 2nd floor of the mall.

(2) Locate Pick N Save store – see photo above.

(3) If you did not apply online, you may ask for the application form directly from their staff, OR a security staff in uniform.

  • The earliest to come is the big guy with eyeglasses – let’s name him… Big Daddy. I know I should have asked for the employees’ names when I had the chance, for proper acknowledgement. But I hesitated. Didn’t even take photos when we (boyfriend and I) went there yesterday – March 19, 2014 – that’s why I recycled ones from I was afraid I might create a commotion. You know that incident in the NBI Main Office at UN Ave. corner Taft Ave., Manila?
    Don’t get me wrong, the employees of this branch are very accommodating. They’re funny and entertaining too! Sets off the boredom of waiting, although the staff works incredibly fast. I am so not kissing *s* here. I speak of the truth. The other applicants can attest to that. Haha!

(4) Once you have accomplished the form, or if you have your online registration form ready, that’s where the real steps begin.

Here goes.

Pay the corresponding fees, depending on the purpose of your application.



Encoding is done at the same time your photo is being taken. You will be asked to come forward and hand over your registration form with the receipt.


Biometrics is done quickly. No sweat.

Well, in my case, it was otherwise. My hands were all sweaty so Big Daddy told me to relax and “punas punas sa pants” (wipe your hands on your pants) in a funny way. Told me to squat down a little because I was too tall for the camera lens’ reach.


And according to Big Daddy himself, “dalawa lang ang klase dito, yung uupo at yung… uuwi.” (next is either you are going to be asked to sit down or asked to… go home). He said this because there are cases where an applicant’s name has a “hit” (another person carries the same name and apparently has a bad record), while the rest are fortunate enough to get their clearance on the same day of the application.

Then, that is it.


In my experience, the application to get an NBI Clearance from this branch only took less than two hours. To be exact, I paid the P115 fee at 1:35:18pm – as stated on the receipt, and got my clearance at 2:51:50pm – as stated on my NBI Clearance.

* By the way, there is this computer rental kiosk on the other side of the 2nd floor, where you can rent a computer and have your online registration form printed. Unfortunately, the time I went there, the guy in charge did not know how to print the documents directly from the web. He was having trouble setting up the printer and the computer the entire time. So, my boyfriend and I had to look for another computer rental shop, which happened to be in SM Manila. It may not be too far from Robinson’s – by car or motorcycle – but it was still quite a hassle for someone who isn’t ready like I was. >.<

We were back at Robinson’s Otis by 1:30pm, but that’s only because we had lunch first. Still, it did not cause me headache getting my NBI Clearance. Like I said, the employees there are fast and well-organized.

Here’s a couple more photos.

As you can see, there is a PhilHealth kiosk right next to the NBI Clearance Center. If you wish to apply for your PhilHealth Card, you may do so the same time you are applying for your NBI Clearance.


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